We are a member of Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE).
This is an organization which focusses on representing, facilitating
and promoting its members and the entire Dutch Wind industry. In other words,
HHWE is a professional export partner for Dutch energy companies in (global) wind markets.
NNOW, Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind, is a networking organization in the Northern part of
the Netherlands for companies who are active in offshore wind. Networking, exchanging knowledge,
promoting activities, R&D and business development are some of the topics NNOW is involved in. Arvick is a member of NNOW.
We are a member of WindEurope. WindEurope is an organization which is promoting wind power in Europe and worldwide.
Over 450 organizations are a member of WindEurope in over 40 countries. Their key activities are international policy,
communications, research and analysis, as well as organizing events to encourage exchange of information and experience.